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Church Use Rates

Use of the Sanctuary for weddings or meetings                                            $450

     Fee for Pastor’s consults with couple (2-3 meetings)                                 $250

Use of the Sanctuary for funerals                                                                   $250

     Fee for Pastor’s consult (1 meeting)                                                            $75

Use of Sanctuary for baptisms                                                                       $100

     Fee for Pastor’s consult (1 meeting)                                                             $75

Use of Parlor                                                                                                   $100


Use of Parlor and downstairs kitchen                                                             $150


Use of Gilpatric Hall                                                                                        $350

Use of Gilpatric Hall and main kitchen                                                            $450



-Members of the church will not be charged for use of the church facilities.

-Any group approved by the cabinet or trustees may use the facilities at no charge.

-Donations by members or approved groups are welcome.

-The above fees do not include services of the organist or custodian.

-Each person or group requesting use of the facilities will be given a copy of the building regulations.

If you would like to have Pastor Cathy officiate at your wedding or at a funeral, please contact the church office (603-253-7698) to schedule a consultation.

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