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New Life


In the cold and snow of winter, there's a spring that waits to be
Unrevealed until its season, something God alone can see. 

We sing this beautiful song by Natalie Sleeth each Easter season, affirming that God will find an irresistible path toward Resurrection, even when we can’t see that path. Spring will come again. New life will burst forth.


My friends and family who live in more Southerly states have been enjoying tulips and daffodils for weeks. Here in New Hampshire, we have to exercise a little more patience. We have to believe in what we can’t see. And now, our faith is being rewarded. Tulips are coming up at last. Daffodils are in bloom. “Ice Out” has come to the lake. And now our eyes can see what our hearts have known all along – that spring has just been waiting to burst forth.


The same thing has happened in our church! While we were hardly noticing, seven wonderful members of our church family were getting ready to blossom into formal membership. It was so good to acknowledge their new relationship with all of us on Easter morning!


  •  Carol Asher served as pastor here for 11 years and has always been in our hearts. We welcome her voice in our choir on Sunday mornings. Carol is an ordained pastor in the American Baptist tradition. She lives in Hill and serves as chair of the school board there. Carol comes to us by letter of transfer from the UCC church in Plymouth.

  •  Louisa Cartier comes to us as an associate member, retaining her primary membership in the Greek Orthodox church in Manchester, where she grew up. Louisa and her husband Andy live just around the curve of the road from the church, with their three kids – Bea, Gil, and Izzy – who bless us each week with their curiosity and energy.

  •  Margaret Cooper brings to us a diverse theological background, having worshiped at various times in American Baptist, UCC, Presbyterian, and Unitarian-Universalist churches. She has been active in Bible Study, Holly Fair, Books n Bites, and cooking for the Soup Kitchen, among many other CHCC activities. Margaret lives in Moultonborough.

  • Earle Jenkins comes to us by transfer from the UCC church in Plymouth. He has taken on numerous tasks around the church, such as participating in the annual church clean-up day and serving as an usher on Sunday mornings. Earle has attended Baptist and UCC churches. He lives in Center Harbor.

  • Dr. Dottie Kraft came to us a year ago, because she was driving by, looking for an Easter service to attend and saw us worshiping outdoors. Dottie has a background in the Episcopal and Presbyterian traditions, and she has a heart for neighbors who are hungry or otherwise in need. She is a retired school administrator and lives in Ashland.

  • Dolores Slaton comes to us by transfer from the UCC church in Bristol.  Before coming to the UCC, she attended Presbyterian and Lutheran churches. She became an active participant in the life of CHCC, as soon as she arrived, jumping right in to help with the Holly Fair. Dolores enjoys traveling, camping and hiking, with her husband Peter. They live in Bristol.

  • Nancy Stamnas has served as our organist and choir director for 24 years, so she is well known to all of us. She comes from the Lutheran tradition, and over the years she has played in just about every denomination. Nancy was the very first female graduate of Berklee College of Music. She lives in Bristol with her husband Chris.

In addition to these wonderful new members, we have had several returning visitors lately.

New life, blossoming around us and within us, growing our church, something that – until now -- God alone could see.

Thanks be to God!

Pastor Cathy