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New Life

In the cold and snow of winter, there’s a Spring that waits to be

Unrevealed until its season, something God alone can see


We sing this beautiful song by Natalie Sleeth each Easter season, affirming that God will find an irresistible path toward Resurrection, even when we can’t see that path. Spring will come again. New life will burst forth.


My friends and family who live in more Southerly states have been

enjoying tulips and daffodils for weeks. Here in New Hampshire, we

have to exercise a little more patience. We have to believe in what we

can’t see. And now, our faith is being rewarded. Tulips are coming up

at last. Daffodils are in bloom. “Ice Out” has come to the lake. And now

our eyes can see what our hearts have known all along – that spring

has just been waiting to burst forth.


Our church is growing, too. Can you see it? The year I arrived in this

ministry, 2020, we had to meet outdoors, and then by Zoom when the

weather was too cold. We averaged 32 in worship from the time I arrived

to the end of the year. We kept the church together in a difficult time,

and I give thanks to God for that blessing.


A year later, in the fall of 2021, we were able to come back into our sanctuary, and we started a regular Sunday School program. From that point to the end of the year, we averaged 35 worshipers on Sunday mornings. We had survived the dark winter of the COVID pandemic. Like a daffodil, we were beginning to bloom again.


In 2022, we had a full year of Sunday School, and we brought in 11 new members. Our average Sunday attendance that year was 36. In 2023, we continued to grow to an average attendance of 38. So far this year we are averaging 43 worshipers each week! We have continued to bring in new members each year. You can tell just by looking around on Sunday morning that we are growing up and filling out. It is a wonderful thing to see.


God knows the future that God has in store for this church. And we can trust in that future, because we have experienced God’s love guiding and protecting our church through times of joy and times of trial. Our future will be revealed in its own season, something God alone can see.


Pastor Cathy

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