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Extravagant and Holy Hospitality

Ann K. has been a member of the Center Harbor Congregational Church, UCC since she moved to the area for a teaching job 35 years ago. She first attended an area Episcopal church, which is the denomination she grew up in, but then decided to try CHCC because it was closer to her home. Ann states, “As you will often hear newcomers express, Center Harbor Congregational Church, UCC, extends a warm welcome with its extravagant and holy hospitality. I felt comfortable from my first visit and knew that this was the church for me and my family.”

Ann K. hard at work hanging curtains in the church hall.

Ann is involved in many aspects at CHCC. She currently sings in the choir, teaches Sunday School, leads the Holly Fair, assists at fundraisers, participates in Books and Bites, and serves on the Board of Deacons, the Nominating Committee, and special focus committees. In past years, she has served on the Pastoral Relations Committee and the recent Search Committee and has served as a delegate and as the Nursery Coordinator. Ann’s favorite church events are fundraisers, especially those that directly support missions, and opportunities to support the community such as helping out during registration for Center Harbor’s July 4th footrace. She also enjoys the outdoor summer services, Christmas Eve services, and Christmas caroling.

In addition to teaching Sunday school and working as the nursery coordinator, Ann has been involved in the church’s youth programming as a mother since her own son, who she describes as “the kindest, most respectful, loving and caring son one could imagine,” was brought up in the Center Harbor Congregational Church, UCC. Ann says that her son was “positively shaped and guided in his life by this church family.” Ann enjoys witnessing other young people grow up in this church and especially loves the Sunday school kick-off and end of year celebrations.

Ann also appreciates the way the Center Harbor Congregational Church’s services are structured including great music and “efforts to celebrate the multi-generational aspects of our church family.” Ann points out that like many churches nationwide, CHCC has faced fluctuating membership numbers. She would like anyone considering joining CHCC as a member or friend to know that “we welcome and embrace them, honoring and celebrating their time, talents, experience, and new perspectives, as we grow together.”

Ann has long been on her own faith journey, guided by her mother’s faith, from church attendance and involvement to her personal commitment to God and Jesus Christ. She has found a spiritual home at Center Harbor Congregational Church, UCC. Ann says, “CHCC is special to me because it is a welcoming family of faith where I can grow in my own faith journey while walking the path with others——supporting and caring for each other along the way, as we live, love, and, most importantly, worship together.”

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1 Comment

Jul 28, 2023

What a beautiful soul! Ann and her husband were the first to introduce me to this church during the Holly Fair in 2022, proudly guiding me through a tour of the sanctuary and fellowship space. It was obvious from the start that only warmth, kindness, and God's spirit is present in every inch of the church and in each of its members. We are delighted to now be part of this family and hope to serve each other and our community in the same ways as Ann has demonstrated. God's work continues at CHCC! ~Cindy & Chris

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