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Warm, Comfortable Welcome

Fred and Margee first came to Center Harbor Congregational Church, UCC seeking a church community close to home. They attended two larger churches and came back to CHCC because they found the warm, comfortable welcome they hoped for. They discovered a joyful place to be, spiritually uplifting without being terribly ‘religious’, and an active commitment to mission!

Margee and Fred with their Holly Fair pottery and candle display.

As members for seven years, Fred and Margee enjoy being part of the choir and the mission group. Both appreciate the fellowship found in fund- raisers like yard sales and the Christmas Holly Fair. Fred enjoys playing the piano on many hymns. Fred says, “We have a brilliant pastor who is delightful in worship leadership, and who brings inspiring sermons that are moving and short!” For Fred, a retired pastor and church musician, finding a small warm, country church with a delightful pastor and joyful music is a pleasure!

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